Playlist: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

Hey everyone!

This playlist has been a long time coming, as I made it shortly after reading The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein in October. I finally am sharing it with you guys. I actually really, really like this playlist and I’m super satisfied with it. I think it’s a bit longer than usual because I found so many songs that were perfect. The relationship between Elizabeth and Victor was super fun to explore through music. Like always, I’ll link YouTube and give a few lyrics that really made me think of the book. Let’s jump in.

Diminuendo by Lawless and Britt Warner

“Oh, the storm clouds were moving across your eyes, and I could hear the war drums pounding from inside your mind,

So I gave up my life for love, but it still was not enough, but it still was not enough, but it still was not enough

My heart shattered apart with your sanity, but I won’t leave”

Don’t Fear the Reaper (Re:Imagined) by Denmark + Winter

“Seasons don’t fear the Reaper

Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain (We can be like they are)

Come one baby (Don’t fear the Reaper)”

Control by Halsey

“I paced around for hours on empty

I jumped at the slightest of sounds

And I couldn’t stand the person inside me

I turned all the mirrors around”

Way Down We Go (Stripped) by Kaleo

“Father tell me, we get what we deserve

Oh we get what we deserve

And way down we go”

Survivor by 2WEI

“Thought I couldn’t last without you, but I’m lastin’

Thought that I would die without you, but I’m livin'”

Raise the Dead by Raign

“Come raise the dead

I’m dreaming of the end

Hallucinate the tables are turning and life

Was everything you said”

Bones by MS MR

“Dig up her bones but leave the soul alone

Boy with a broken soul

Heart with a gaping hole

Dark twisted fantasy, turned to reality

Kissing death and losing my breath

Midnight hours, cobble street passages

Forgotten savages, forgotten savages”

Everybody Wants to Rule The World by Lorde

“Acting on your best behavior

Turn your back on mother nature”

Madness by Ruelle

“Feel the fury closing in

All resistance wearing thin

Nowhere to run from all of this havoc

Nowhere to hide from all of the madness, madness, madness”

Heaven or Hell by Digital Daggers

“We trade our secrets when it’s safe

Our ammunition when the fever breaks

Show me the side no one else sees

Turn it back on me”

In the Shadows by Amy Stroup

“What happens in the shadows

No one has to know

The truth is in the gallows

It’ll burn but it won’t let go”

Yellow Light by Of Monsters and Men

“Just follow my yellow light

And ignore all those big warning signs

Somewhere deep in the dark

A howling beast hears us talk”

There’s Something Dark by Dustin Kensrue

“There’s something haunting, oh my love

There’s nothing good I’m thinking of

Still I’m gilded and groomed

Gliding into the room

Saying such bold and beautiful things

There’s something dark inside of me”

Secret by The Pierces

“Why when we do our darkest deeds

Do we tell?

They burn in our brains

Become a living hell”

When the Truth Hunts You Down by Sam Tinnesz

“You can’t run, run, run

From the smoking gun

Caught in the crosshairs of the things we’ve done

There’s no hiding place

Not a secret safe

What is lost will be found

When the truth hunts you down”

NFWMB by Hozier

“Give your heart and soul to charity

‘Cause the rest of you, the best of you

Honey, belongs to me”

No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine

“No light, no light in your bright blue eyes

I never knew daylight could be so violent

A revelation in the light of day

You can’t choose what stays and what fades away”

A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard

“‘Cause I am, I am a little wicked

I am, I am

Hands red, hands red just like he said

I am a little wicked”

Blinding by Florence + The Machine

“No more dreaming of the dead as of death itself was undone

No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden”


“And I could hear the thunder and see the lightning crack

And all around the world was waking, I never could go back”

Haunted by Maty Noyes

“Love, you left me madness

Turn me (in)to a monster now

Love, I think I’m dying

Love, the monster’s got me now

Love, I think I’m dying

Love, the shadow’s all around”


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