February Book Haul

Hey everyone!

I decided to actually do my taxes early this year (I know, I’m shocked too), so I got my refund and decided to do a bit (a lot) of book shopping to catch up on some series, grab some new releases, and finally get physical copies of some of my favorites. I have a lot to share, so let’s get to it.

honor among thieves

the queen's rising

the belles

by a charm and a curse

blood and sand

the hazel wood

kings cage.jpg

red queen collectors

rose petal graves

rowan wood legends

the uprising

the invasion.jpg

little monsters

reign of the fallen

truly devious

Aaaaaand that’s what I got! Of course, I already have a crap ton of stuff sitting in my Amazon cart again, but ya know. Have you picked up any books lately? What were they?



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