Bookish This or That Tag

Hey everyone!

I’m a horribly indecisive person so I *still* don’t have my list of 2017 favorites ready. While I’m trying to perfect it, I have a few tags that I’ve been meaning to do. This one is the Bookish “This or That” tag, and I was tagged by the lovely Karen Jo at Sincerely Karen Jo. It’s pretty short and straightforward, so let’s jump right in.

Audiobook OR Text book?

I’ve actually never tried audiobooks. I’m a very fast reader, so I’m afraid that the pacing of an audiobook would drive me insane.

Paperback OR Hardback?

I like reading paperbacks, but I prefer how hardbacks look on my shelves. I have pretty small hands, so holding huge hardbacks can really start to suck after a while. A nice floppy paperback is a lot easier for me.

Fiction OR Non-fiction?

For the most part, fiction. If I’m really interested in something, I’ll pick up some non-fiction. More often than not, I reach for fiction, though.

Bookshop OR Online?

Online, to be totally honest. I struggle with severe anxiety, and the only bookshop we have is the Barnes and Noble that’s in the middle of our extremely busy mall. I’ll make it up there a few times a year, but other than that, I prefer to shop online. With that said, I think that if we had some really good smaller indie shops around, I’d prefer those. It’s just not an option in my area.

Standalone OR Trilogy?

Standalone for contemporaries, trilogy for everything else.

Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet?

As long as the pacing and plot are done well, heavy & long in most cases. I don’t like to slog through a book, but I do like it when a story goes into depth. It lets me get really invested in the characters.

Reading somewhere Cozy OR in the Sun?

Oh goodness, definitely somewhere cozy indoors. I burn after like.. Ten minutes in the sun. Not fun at all.

Hot Chocolate OR Coffee?

I’m actually more of a tea person. If I had to pick one of the above, it’d be coffee. I’m getting to the point where a lot of hot chocolate is too sweet for me now. I know, I’m a 22 year old grandmother.


You. I tag you.

Come on, I’ve got a long history of not tagging anyone to uphold. 😉



  1. As a fellow fast reader, I can say that audiobooks will seem too slow. However, I do listen to them when I go to sleep on occasion, simply because the words relax me. Even if it was something like Percy Jackson, I could still lose myself in the story and go to sleep. It also helped me to read the books later, as my subconscious would keep certain scenes of the story in my memory, making them more exciting as I can “hear” them.

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  2. Online book shopping is the best! I’ve actually been good these past several months and haven’t bought anything…but that’s also because I also had some unexpected adulting expenses. I didn’t even buy anything from Bookoutlet during their last sale.


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