Another Playlist Book Tag!

Hey everyone!

This post is a little late because I fell asleep in the middle of typing it last night, and I’m just getting time to finish it up. Whoops. Sorry. Anyways, it was an extremely snowy weekend here, so I had a lot of down time. I spent a lot of time on Youtube, and I came across a few different Playlist Book Tags, and I remembered that it was pretty fun when I did my own rendition before so I decided to do another round. Obviously, you’ll be spared from my dancing and singing in this format, but you’ll still get the general gist. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this tag, you basically put your music on shuffle, and then pick a book that you think goes with whatever song comes up. You don’t explain the connection, so it’s left open for interpretation. This started on Booktube, and I’ve heard a few people credited for creating, but most people credit Little Red Reader. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance

the madness underneath

Daylily by Movements

we are okay

Landfill by Daughter

unravel me

Hurricane by Fleurie

lord of shadows

Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish

new moon

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift Cover) by Twenty One Two

Red Queen

Oh, Calamity! by All Time Low

sweet peril

Tess-Timony by Ice Nine Kills

the way i used to be

Kings and Queens and Vagabonds by Ellem

Throne of glass


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