2017 Reading Challenge 

Hey everyone!

This is going to be a pretty short, chill discussion type post. I’ve had a lot going on in my life, and I figured now would be a good time to take a step back and look at my reading goals for the year, and what I’ve actually accomplished towards these goals. 

I was just on Goodreads the other day, looking at my progress for my 2017 Reading Challenge. Now, some of you may know that I made my prodigal return to blogging this year. Throughout 2016, I didn’t read much at all, which you can see if you scan through my reading list. At the beginning of this year, I decided that I wanted to dive back in. So, I set a goal to read 50 books this year. I surpassed that around August/September, and I decided to get cocky and crank it up to 100. That’s where I ran into some trouble. 

I’m only at 64, soon to be 66. Some definite steam was lost, but I have a plan. This post is basically me giving myself a solid kick in the butt. I’m a pretty fast reader, and I think that as long as I cheat a bit and count things like graphic novels, I got this. I will conquer 100 books.

This post was entirely rambly and random, but I decided that maybe holding myself publicly accountable would get my butt in gear. So, does anyone else do a reading challenge? What is yours? How are you doing?


One comment

  1. I’m currently at 77/100 and 8 books behind schedule!!! I’m a pretty fast reader too but it’s finding the time to read and adulting that always pushes me back. So many family and friend events (wedding, baby showers, birthday etc.), errands to do on the weekends, and just never ending stuff to do around the house haha.

    I’m definitely trying to read any time I can to reach my 100 goal!


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