October Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

It’s officially November, which means Halloween has come and gone, much to my dismay. I haven’t done monthly wrap up posts in… Probably a year? So, I figured I’d get back into them. I know most people do a TBR for the next month with their wrap ups, but I know I’ll just completely change my TBR around if I try and do a set one, so I’m not going to even try. I only read six books in October, with an average rating of 3.33 stars. With that said, here’s the books that I finished in October, with reviews linked as I reviewed all of them.

5 stars

haunting the deep



4 Stars

dream eater

3 Stars

there's someone inside your house

the canary club

And that’s it! I didn’t get much reading done due to being busy, but I hope to get more done during November. November is my birthday month, and Thanksgiving will surely be insane, but I’m sure I’ll find some reading time inbetween all of that. So, what did you read this month? Leave the links to your wrap up posts if you did them! I’d love to check them out.



  1. I’m glad to see you had some pretty good reads this past month; 3.3 isn’t a bad average at all. Happy early birthday! Are there any books you’re looking forward to this month that you know you’re going to and/or really want to read? I also rarely post TBR lists since I’m the biggest mood reader and never stick to my TBR goals for any month, but I do have a few that I try to put at the top of my pile for the next time I’m reaching over to my desk for a new book.

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    1. Oh thank you! I just finished up The Becoming of Noah Shaw yesterday, and Haven by Mary Lindsey today, and those were my main “gotta read em this month” books. I might reread City of Bones with the anniversary edition coming out. Who knows?


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