Currently Reading/Recently Finished

Hey everyone!
I’ve got a bit of life stuff going on during the end of October and early November, so I’m not too sure how much I’m going to be able to read. With that said, I figured I’d pop on and share what I’m currently reading, and what I just recently finished. Without further ado, here it is:



And that’s about it! For once, I’m not reading twenty books at once! Also, as a side note, I apologize if the formatting is weird on this post. I had to write it on my phone vs my laptop, and I either cannot figure this out, or there are seriously limited editing options. So, what are you reading currently? Have you recently finished anything good? Let me know in the comments!



    1. Right? I was writing this post late at night too so I was half asleep trying to figure out how to format lol. From what I’ve read of The Becoming of Noah Shaw I love it, but I’m trying to at least stretch it a few more days so I’m reading in small increments. Gotta make it last lol


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