My Personal Library/Reading Room Set Up

There comes a time when you know that your book collection has gotten to the point where it needs it’s own dedicated space. Mine had reached that point long before it was possible, so when my husband agreed to allow me to take the second bedroom in our new home as a library, I knew my time had come. Since we moved into this house in October, I’ve been working to get my library set up. Fast forward to now, I have finally replaced the last shelf that broke in the move, and I think I’m set up enough to share with you guys. I love seeing other people’s collections, so I figured why not show mine? Keep in mind these pictures are from my iPhone, so the quality isn’t awesome.

I’ll just start from the doorway and rotate around the room clockwise.


Nothing too special here. The black shelves and the rug are both from Walmart!


Turning the corner we have more shelves. You can’t see it very well, but there’s a tiny blue shelf tucked in the corner that also has books on it. The blue shelf and the wooden shelf are not from Walmart, and unfortunately I can’t tell you where they were purchased, or if they were handmade from scratch. My step dad has a business where he cleans out houses and sometimes brings home different pieces of furniture that his clients no longer want, and that is where both of those come from. Actually, that’s also where the mini shelf/rack holding my ARCs on top of the wood shelf came from also. The massive poop emoji bean bag is usually where my husband sits when he comes in while I’m reading.


Here’s the next corner of the room. Again, nothing too fabulous going on here. Just some posters. Weezer, All Time Low, etc. I’ll have another shot of the table in the bottom right corner in a second, so hang tight.


Excuse my car creeping in the background, and also the horrible lighting. It’s a bit of a weird day here weatherwise, so I couldn’t get a good shot even with flash. The flag is from Panic at the Disco!, the Death of a Bachelor tour more specifically. I got this table from my grandparents, so I’m not quite sure where it came from originally. The bottom part holds large series that I don’t pick up often, or childhood books. Nancy Drew, A Song of Ice and Fire, Outlander, The Chronicles of Narnia, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, to name a few. Almost all of my Harry Potter books, guides, coloring books, and magazines are also kept down there. Not to mention all of my mass market paperbacks. The top part holds different assorted things. To name a few, there’s a tiny globe I got from Walmart, books on palmistry and Wicca, my incense burner, my wax warmer, a few things I got from my honeymoon in Salem, MA, and a few Halloween decorations I couldn’t bring myself to actually put away.


Here is my actual reading nook. You can’t see it, but there’s a ceiling light specifically for this nook, which is what the switch is for. This chair/ottoman set was something my step dad got off of a job. It’s completely beat up, but oh my goodness is it comfortable, as demonstrated by Stella who decided she needed a nap right that second. The black set of drawers just holds miscellaneous items like lotions, funko pop boxes, charging cords, etc.


And now we’re back to the doorway! This podium came out of a local public school library. My step dad’s second job is with a cabinetry company, and they were renovating the library when they were told that the podium needed to go. It used to hold newspapers, but now it holds my coloring books, photo albums, and other large books that wouldn’t look right on my shelves. All of those drawers slide out. At this point, the only thing I keep on the top part are tickets for upcoming concerts (The Maine and Warped Tour currently), but I eventually want to figure out a better use of the space.

So that’s it. Again, I know the pictures aren’t the highest quality, so if you have any questions, or want to see anything closer up just let me know and that could be arranged. I want to eventually do a proper bookshelf tour, but I’m not really sure the best way to do it with so many books. Possibly split up by shelf? If any fellow bloggers have suggestions, that’d be awesome.



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