Outtakes/Bonus Content: A Very Feels Filled Playlist (The Infernal Devices)

A few days ago, I posted a playlist that I created for The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’ll insert a link right here. Now that it’s been a day or two, I got to thinking about the fact that I have quite a few tracks that *almost* made that playlist, but I cut for one reason or another (or just forgot to include!). These are tracks that I felt like weren’t *quite* what I was looking for lyrically, or the genre just didn’t fit the overall feel of the playlist itself (or I may or may not be featuring them in a future playlist *wink wink*). With that said, I still wanted to share the songs that didn’t quite make the cut, just in case anyone was interested in checking them out. Plus, I’m adding some of my favorite instrumental tracks that remind me of the series for one reason or another at the end of the list, just as a little bonus. Just like in my main playlist, some of these songs might contain some mild thematic spoilers for the trilogy if you think hard enough on it.

Lost by Liza Anne

“I’ll be damned if I do it, damned if I don’t

I’ll be lost if I love him, lost if I won’t”

A Lovely Mess by Front Porch Step

“You are broken, and I am such a wreck

I think we’d make a lovely mess”

I Can Wait Forever by Simple Plan

“Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me

But I can wait, I can wait forever”

If I Get High by Nothing But Thieves

“I feel my loss every night

Not long to wait”

Save You by Simple Plan

“You’re just skin and bones, there’s nothing left to take

And no matter what I do, I can’t make you feel better”

Graveyard Whistling by Nothing But Thieves

“All that afterlife, I don’t hold with it

All your gods are false, just get used to it”

Mercy (Acoustic) by Shawn Mendes

“Show me an open door, then you go and slam it on me

 I can’t take it anymore, I’m saying baby please have mercy on me”

You Stupid Girl (Acoustic) by Framing Hanley

“You are my world, my everything

You stupid girl, you’re gonna be the death of me”

And, as promised, here are a couple instrumental tracks that will give you TID feels..


Young and Beautiful by Jocelyn Scofield

Wind by Brian Crain and Rita Chepurchenko

Sad Romance by Thao Nguyen Xanh

And that’s a wrap (for now) on my Infernal Devices playlist! I actually have another playlist nearly ready to share. It’s still in the Shadowhunter world (I’m rereading everything, give me a break ;)) but this time it’s for a specific character, rather than the series itself.




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