Underrated Books

There’s nothing better than finding a hidden gem at the book store. It’s a unique experience picking up a book that you haven’t really heard anything about. It’s even better when that book ends up being one of the best things you’ve read in quite a while, completely outdoing some of the more hyped up titles in the genre. Whilst writing up my review for The Marian by Taylor Hohulin, I got to thinking about various “underrated” books and series that really blew me away and made me wonder why they weren’t more popular. I decided that I wanted to round up a few titles that I’ve read and adored, and share them with you guys in hopes that they’ll get the love they deserve.

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First off, we have The Marian by Taylor Hohulin. This is the book that ended up inspiring this post. Before Taylor contacted me requesting a review, I wasn’t familiar with the title at all. The concept was extremely intriguing, so I ended up accepting. If you read my review (the cover is linked to it!) you’ll know just how hard I fell for this story and world. My friends, this book is about post-apocalyptic water smuggling pirates in a world where water is a scarce resource. The oceans have been reduced to massive salt dunes, and to navigate this terrain, travelers use ships that are more or less massive metal spiders. Need I say more? The writing is wonderful, and flows nicely. You sail (*snort*) from page to page, devouring the story and constantly wanting more. If you’re wanting a unique spin on the dystopian/post apocalyptic genre, check out The Marian!

the unionthe ruins

Next up is The Union series by TH Hernandez. Now, I know y’all have heard me be a cheerleader for this series a lot already, but I’m basically a book evangelist when it comes to these books! I actually stumbled upon this series when I was beta reading. TH needed beta readers for The Ruins, so she sent me The Union so I could catch up on the story and then beta read The Ruins. Guys.. I basically did a nose dive into love with this series. In case you’ve somehow missed my fangirling in the past, The Union series follows Evan Taylor, whose world is turned upside down when she’s kidnapped from her home in the Union (basically utopian cities) and taken into the Ruins (the wastelands outside the walls of the Union). There’s action, government conspiracies, not to mention ROMANCE (*swoon*). Really, I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but go pick this up!


Last but not least, we have Hex by Mackenzie L. McGuire. This book started me off on a YA witch binge. Up until reading Hex, I hadn’t really read very many good YA books that deal with witches (recommendations, anyone?). Hex ended up setting the standard for what a fun, witchy read should be like. Don’t go into this book expecting a dark, gothic feel, because that’s not what Hex is all about. Instead, Hex layers humor and snark with a sinister plot line, creating a book that doesn’t leave you with a massive emotional hangover. Everything about this book from the characters to the setting was just great, and dare I say magical? If you’re in the mood for some magic and sassy characters (not to mention romance!), give Hex a try!



  1. Okay WHOA, I NEED THE MARIAN NOW! PIRATES? SHIPS THAT ARE LIKE METAL SPIDERS? This sounds so freaking intriguing! I’ve also been on the prowl for YA books about witches. The last Gothic book I read that had something slightly to do with a witch was The Witch Of Painted Sorrows by M.J Rose and my goodness was it fucking beautiful! It’s adult though lmao.


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