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I was nominated for this fun tag over at Coffee Book Love. Be sure to check out her blog! This tag basically allows you to share your reading habits and compare them with the habits of others who have done the tag. I’ll jump right in, and nominate some people at the end.

1) You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?
Oh man.. I don’t really have a system, if I’m being honest. If I have any books for review or ARCs, I’ll pick one of those up. If I happen to not have anything like that, that’s when things start getting a little crazy. Lately, if I can’t decide, I’ve taken to having my fiance pick a random book off of my shelf, and I’ll commit to reading that, unless it’s something that I really don’t want to read. If I need even more help, I’ll peruse different blogs and BookTube channels until I find something.

2) You’re half-way through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or commit?
Unless it’s a book for review, I’ll usually just put it down. When I’m sent a book for review, I’ll try REALLY hard to finish it all the way through. If it’s just a library book or something I picked up casually, I’ll put it down and try again at a later date. I have wayyyyy too many books to read to force myself into a slump with a bad book.

3) The end of the year is coming and you’re so close yet so far away on your GoodReads challenge. Do you quit or commit?
I crack down and commit. I’ll marathon series, start reading graphic novels, or even start counting novellas towards my goal. I’m extremely competitive, so I freak out about these types of things. I won’t be defeated!

4) The covers of a series you love DO. NOT. MATCH. How do you cope?
Ugh.. This makes me cringe. I HATE this. I will buy the new covers, even if I already have copies of the books with the old covers. I have two of The Name of the Star for similar reasons..

5) Everyone and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?

I hate this. I will actually sit there and desperately go through reviews, trying to find one that shares my sentiments. Once I find one, I just sit there, silently agreeing.

6) You’re reading a book and you’re about to start crying in public. How do you deal?

It depends on where I’m at in public. I have no qualms with sobbing at the library or Barnes and Noble, but I’ll try and hide it everywhere else. I’ll just stop reading and emotionally prepare myself to pick it up again later.

7) You don’t want ANYONE borrowing your book. How do you politely tell people “nope” when they ask?

Well.. I’m a blunt person, so I’ll literally just tell them no if I don’t want them borrowing something. Everyone I know is used to my demeanor, so it never really offends anyone.

8) You’ve picked up and put down five different books in the past month. How do you get over the reading slump?

I watch an obscene amount of Netflix, and play Xbox. I’ve found that trying to force myself to read just makes my slumps worse, so I don’t even try and push it. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and chill out, even if it means not reading for a while.

7) There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

It depends on how I’m doing financially that month. I’ll make a list of all of the new releases that I’m interested in for a month, and then I’ll prioritize from there. Sometimes I manage to get all of them. Sometimes I’m lucky if I can afford to pick up just one.

8) After you’ve bought a new book you want to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you actually read them?

Results may vary. Lol. I have new releases from Summer and Fall 2014 still sitting on my shelves, but I have a few books that didn’t even get shelved before I read them (The Shadow Cabinet). Just because I’m excited for a release doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to drop everything and pick it up right away.

Alright, now I suppose it’s time to tag people.. I’m always awful at these types of deals… You guys definitely don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I’m curious about your answers to some of these questions. 🙂

Nori at Readwritelove28

TH Hernandez

Lynette Noni

Analee at Book Snacks


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