Chat: Reading Challenges

Hey guys! I’m sorry that I’ve been having so many off days lately. This semester is coming to a close in the next few weeks, and I am starting to have final projects and final exams pop up. I’ve been so burnt out lately! I thought I’d ease back into posting with a chat.

The other day, I was chatting with a friend on Twitter, and we got to talking about our reading challenges for the year. Now, in it’s simplest form, a reading challenge is pretty straight forward: you give yourself a number of books that you want to read in a certain amount of time. I happen to be participating in such a challenge this year. I’m just doing a Goodreads challenge, which is the basic (x) amount of books in a year. I chose to set my challenge at 100 books. However, I’ve already completed nearly 60 since January. I’m thinking of raising my goal, but I’m not sure what to raise it to. Any ideas?

Anyways, It doesn’t stop there. There’s all kinds of crazy variations on this ideas, like a TBR jar challenge, or a DNF jar. This brings me to the reason that I came up with this post. I want to know all about the different reading challenges you guys are doing this year. If you have a post up about them, go ahead and link them in the comments. If not, just go ahead and tell me about them!



  1. If you’re reading about 20 books a month, you could up it to 230 (just under the 20 by 12 mark) top give yourself a bit of a challenge.

    I’m doing the challenge Judge a Book by Its Cover, which has a serious of cover-related prompts, like something with formal clothing on the cover. I’m also doing the goodreads challenge, which I’ve set for 60 books because school has a nasty habit of getting in the way of my reading.


  2. I’m only doing the basic Goodreads challenge that I’ve set for 52 books. I’m a bit of a slow reader, but I hope to get ahead over the summer!

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