Chat: Book Boyfriends

Oh yes.

This post was needed.

So, I just finished up my ARC of Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins last night (at nearly 3 AM…) and all of that wonderful Kaidan Rowe exposure (heh, exposure) has got me on a big book boyfriend kick. You all know that I have a few, die hard, passionate, fiery romances with fictional men that refuse to fizzle out. I’ve decided to take a few of these hopeless romances and give them a little spotlight. I’m going to be inserting a picture of what I picture that character looking like, and also my favorite swoony quote from them. (I’m waaayyyy too freakin’ excited to write this post.) LET THE HOTNESS BEGIN.

Oh. Disclaimer: This post contains attractive, shirtless men. Continue on at your own risk.

Aaron Warner Anderson

The Shatter Me Series

warner blog

“I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with. The one you take into your arms and into your bed and into the private world you keep trapped in your head. I want to be that kind of friend. The one who will memorize the things you say as well as the shape of your lips when you say them. I want to know every curve, every freckle, every shiver of your body.

I want to know where to touch you, I want to know how to touch you. I want to know convince you to design a smile just for me. Yes, I do want to be your friend. I want to be your best friend in the entire world.”

Noah Elliot Simon Shaw

The Mara Dyer Trilogy

noah blog

“Je t’aime. Aujourd’hui. Ce soir. Demain. Pour toujours. Si je vivais mille ans, je t’appartiendrais pour tous. Si je vivais mille vies, je te ferais mienne dans chacune d’elles.

I love you. Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever. If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If I were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one.”

Kaidan Rowe

The Sweet Trilogy

“I’m tired of living like I’m not alive.” He dropped his hands from my face to grip my shoulders. “I’m bloody sick to death of it. I want one night to be alive. With you.” He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead on mine.

“Please, Anna. One last night and we’ll go back to being safe again. I need this. I need you.”

Tucker Avery

The Unearthly Trilogy

tucker blog

“What we have is divine. It’s beautiful and good and right. I feel it…” He presses his his hand to his chest, over his heart. “I feel it all the time. You’re in here, part of me. You’re what I go to bed thinking about and what I wake up to in the morning.”


The Dark Elements


“I lost myself the moment I found you.”

AAALLLRRRRIGGGHTTT. I limited myself to five.. I could definitely do this all day! If this post goes over pretty well, I may do a part two. Well. Now that you’ve seen some eye candy, let’s chat. Tell me in the comments who your favorite book boyfriend is. Feel free to link a photo of what you picture him to look like. Quotes are also welcomed. I’m always open to starting new love affairs! 😉



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