Hey guys!

I know I’ve been MIA this weekend, and I thought I’d give you guys a quick explanation.

Reason number one is that on Saturday night, the truck broke down, and my fiancé and I were stranded in the middle of nowhere at 2 AM. Much of today has been spent working on the truck.

Reason number two is homework. My finals are coming up, and homework is hitting me hard. I’m swamped, and worked on homework for six hours today.

With that said, I do plan to get back on my daily post schedule by tomorrow. Sorry for my absence!



    1. Ugh, it sucks, doesn’t it? We had the driver’s side brake lock up while we were going down the road. Thankfully, you can only drive 30 tops around here with all the pot holes. We were able to coast to the side of the road and stop. Of course, it happened when we had my younger brother and two of his friends in the backseat. So there we were. Five people standing in the road at 2 AM. It was a trip..

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      1. Oh man…yeah that sounds pretty awful. Hopefully the fix isn’t too hard/expensive! Ours is in the shop right now, but it’s such an old car that it’s definitely possible that fixing it would cost more than it’s actually worth haha.


      2. I think we’re actually going to get fixed up in the next day or two. My step dad and fiancé are both pretty mechanically inclined, and they figured out what we need to replace. We just have to run and pick up the parts. If all goes well, the cost will be under $100 which is GREAT for our truck. It’s pretty big, so parts are ridiculously expensive.


      3. It is pretty great. The only down side is that my fiancé and his friends try to do things..unconventionally from time to time. I remember one time (this was at my parent’s house) when they were outside trying to pop a tire off the rim, and my fiancé’s friend runs in, looks at me with a straight face, and asks if they could use the wood splitter… That one didn’t end too well for the tire in question.


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