I Really Need To Stop Buying Things

You all know that I need therapy. I mean, honestly. How many books does one person need? (Pshaw… Many.) Well.. I’ve done it again. That freakin’ dollar rack at the library got me. That’s right: it’s haul time. I’m typing this really fast because there’s currently severe storms of the tornado variety headed my way. This haul is a bit all over the place. There’s some books I bought a while ago and forgot to haul. There’s some really recent purchases. Some of these books haven’t arrived in the mail yet, but I’m throwing them in anyways. With the dollar rack, I’ll buy random books in series, even if they’re not in order. Tomorrow morning’s post will be books I’ve checked out from the library rather than bought. You know the drill, covers will be linked to their Goodreads page or my review if I have one.

a thousand pieces of you

losing it

keeping her

fall with me

what i thought was true

where the road takes me

the walls around us

illusions of fate


everything leads to you

house of ivy and sorrow

salt and storm

and we stay


cold spell

glamour in glass

rebel spring

precious thing


the perfectionists

faking 19


twisted perfection

simple perfection

a magic dark and bright

lies i told


This is really getting out of hand..



    1. When I buy bigger batches, it’s from my library. They have a rack where they sell excess copies for a dollar. Other than that, mostly Book Outlet and Amazon. If I’m in store Barnes and Noble, I’ll buy there, but I don’t buy there online. Then I’ll have the odd book from Walmart or Kroger. Lol.

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      1. Ah yeah. I’m pretty lucky to have a library that is constantly selling books. My recommendations for cheap books would be Book Outlet and also buying from the Marketplace on Amazon. I ended up getting the whole Twilight series (novella and all) for eight bucks on there.

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  1. I really wanna read some of those books (namely The Walls Around Us) and I’m so jealous that your library has a dollar rack because mine does not (if there is one, I don’t know about it) >.<


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