SOS Books Everywhere

So… As previously chronicled, I set out to organize my shelves this morning.. Well… Let me tell you how well this isn’t going..

I am strategically ignoring everything except Netflix. I just finished Season Two of Sherlock, and I basically want to just lay in bed and cry all day.


Anyways.. I have to be at work in three hours. Somehow, I have this feeling that I won’t get this done before I have to leave… The main problem being that I can’t get to my makeup or really anything I need to get ready for work..

This is an official SOS signal. Help me guys. Heeeellllppppppp.



    1. My room is still a disaster zone. Books everywhere. My fiancé walked in from work and stopped dead with a pretty amusing facial expression. And about Sherlock, I know!! I literally flew through every episode in two days… And now… I have to wait.

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