Interview with Author Lynn Carthage + Giveaway

I recently got the chance to chat with Lynn Carthage, author of Haunted, and ask her a few questions about her writing, and her inspiration. In case you missed it, or want to freshen up on my review, here it is. On top of giving me an interview, the publisher agreed to sponsor a giveaway, so stay tuned for that at the end of this post. The giveaway will be US only, and it will run until Thursday, March 12.

Me: Did you always want to be an author?

Lynn: Yes, pretty much. When I was in fourth grade, I was put into a special creative writing program, which was the first time I started thinking of myself as a writer. It was a long journey to publication for me, so maybe I should’ve aimed for an MBA instead of an MFA (ha!), but to be honest I feel grateful that I’ve always known what my passion is.

Me: Who are some authors that influence your work?

Lynn: Great question. I’ve been influenced by some of the masters of the horror genre: Stephen King and Shirley Jackson. Also Henry James for his magnificent The Turn of the Screw. I loved the John Bellairs series that began with The House with a Clock in Its Walls. Lois Duncan and Zilpha Keatley Snyder: I grew up in a time when Y.A. fiction was just beginning to take off, and I remember standing in front of the shelves in that section of the library and being so happy.

Me: How is the sequel coming?

Lynn: I’ve turned in the sequel already, which takes place mostly in France (Versailles, which the Arnaud Manor is modeled after). It’s narrated by Miles, and so we get his take on All Things Phoebe. I wrote it pretty steamy, so I may have to dial it back. I’m curious to hear what my editor thinks on that angle!

Me: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Lynn: If writing is your passion, never give up. Publication takes a mixture of talent, hard work, and luck, so focus on the part you can control!

And now the giveaway as promised…

To enter, you need to do two things, with the option for a few extra entries. First, you must be following this blog. Second, you must leave a comment below, sharing your own “ghost story”, whether it be true or fictional. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, as I’m not choosing winners based on the story. This comment will act as one entry. Your options for extra entries are: follow my Twitter or my Facebook page. If you do either, please add your Twitter username or your Facebook name in the comment, or I won’t be able to count the extra entry. Each follow or like will earn you one extra chance to win. I’m honestly going to be drawing names out of a bucket, so this is going to be completely random. Again, this giveaway will end on Thursday, March 12. I’ll alert the winner in the comments, giving them instruction on how to send me their mailing address.



  1. Ooh, OK. My own ghost story? My brother owned a house in Old Louisville which was been featured in several Ghost of Old Louisville-type books. I’ve read the stories, and they involve things like an iron-burn on the floor, which he was able to show me when I went to see him. (Freaky.) He acknowledges that the place is as haunted as sin, but he denies that the ghost had anything to do with his moving out. Hm.


  2. First of all, thanks for the opportunity! I think there’s a ghost living at my house. My house has belonged to my family for around 70-80 years and many family members have deceased here. Also, many of the family members coincide to have seen a black shadow in the same room at one of the corners at night. I swear I’m not kidding! I wanna move ASAP lol


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