Beta Reading on Goodreads

This is going to be a really quick post, but it’s about a great opportunity I recently discovered that I wanted to share.

Recently, I decided to become a beta reader on Goodreads. What’s a beta reader, you may ask? A beta reader agrees to take a look at an author’s work and give them feedback. An author may want you to read anything from a single scene to an entire finished novel. It’s a great way to help out up and coming authors, and read some new books while you’re at it. When I joined, I simply joined a group called Beta Readers, and posted what genres I’m available for. I posted that I was available for YA, with a special preference for paranormal romance and dystopians. I’ve been contacted by quite a few authors, and I really love it so far. It feels good to help out authors with their work.

So, have you ever considered becoming a beta reader? Have you ever even heard of the concept? What do you think?



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