Camera Phone Woes and Amazon Shenanigans

I have FINALLY received and shelved the last of my February hauls.. I’m currently sitting on my floor, attempting to artfully arrange my lamp so it lights my shelves.. It’s not working too well. Any fellow bloggers have any tips on how to fudge the lighting? I’m about to just try and dig out my digital camera from wherever the heck it ended up and just use that..

Anyways, I had something interesting happen to me today. I was unboxing an Amazon order, and came across something peculiar: two of the same book. I looked at my fiancé, who was holding my packing slip, and asked him what the quantity on that particular item said. He replied that the quantity read two. Puzzled, I pulled up my purchase confirmation email on my phone. That email said I ordered one. Long story short, I now have two copies of one book. I’ll rehome it eventually. Has anyone ever experienced something like that? I’ve never had a mistake like that made. Anyways, I think I’m going to go ahead and get my Kindle tour rolling, and worry about my bookshelf tour later.. Like I said before, anyone with any photography/lighting tips (especially cell phone cameras) feel free to help me out. I hope everyone is having a good day/night. Bye!


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