Book Outlet Haul + Chat

I’ll be the first person to admit it: I have a problem with buying books. This is probably why I lay claim to a monstrosity of a TBR list and my shelves are screaming for mercy. Unfortunately, as any book lover knows, book buying gets expensive, and it gets expensive fast. I try to buy paperbacks any time that it’s possible, but sometimes there’s a new release that’s beckoning to me, whispering that I can’t possibly wait until the paperback release date to own a copy. So how does one figure out how to buy that new Sarah J. Maas book without sacrificing electricity for the month?

Discount books.

That’s right, I said it. Discount books. I buy books that are sold at massively discounted prices. I don’t judge, and gladly accept used books that are still in good condition. For a while, I would shop my library’s Spring Cleaning sale (still do) and browse thrift shops (not anymore).

Then it happened.

My cheap-book-buying life changed when I discovered Book Outlet. Book Outlet is a web site that sells new and used books at a heavily discounted prices. The selection is mind blowing. I recently placed an order on January 16th, and it arrived one week later on January 23rd. I used the cheapest shipping, which is $3.99 for the first two books and 50 cents for every book after that. Their priority and expedited shipping rates vary depending on the weight and destination of the package.

Here’s my recent haul:

  • Plus One by Elizabeth Fama(Hardcover)
  • Torment by Lauren Kate
  • Of Triton by Anna Banks
  • Of Poseidon by Anna Banks (Hardcover)
  • Of Neptune by Anna Banks (Hardcover)
  • Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
  • Perfect by Ellen Hopkins
  • Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Amy McNamara
  • The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines
  • Because of Low by Abbi Glines
  • Just For Now by Abbi Glines
  • While It Lasts by Abbi Glines

All of these books ended up costing $51.27. Yes, twelve books for fifty dollars. My biggest purchase from Book Outlet was an eighty dollar haul from Black Friday. I ended up purchasing more than thirty books. I swear, this site is addicting life changing.

What are some of your tips for building a collection on a budget?



  1. Twelve books for fifty dollars???? That’s… I can’t find a good enough word to describe it. *lol* I don’t have a Book Outlet in my area (at least, I don’t think so), but the New England Mobile Book Fair is a great place in the Boston area to get good deals on books. Everything starts off at 20% off, with deeper discounts for new or out-of-print books.

    I also bought Of Poseidon recently. I want to write a YA contemporary fantasy with mermaids at some point (currently working on something else), so I’m doing some “market research” in advance to see how I set my story apart from what’s already been done.


    1. It’s wonderful. Simply wonderful. Lol. I always order offline. I know they have a physical store in Canada (which doesn’t help me, haha) but I think there’s one somewhere in the states too.

      Researching ahead is a great idea. These days, it seems like more and more books are just repeats of stuff that has been done before. It’s nice to know that some authors are still trying to be original. Lol.

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  2. I too am a Book Outlet addict now. I was hooked after my first purchase. I do wish there weren’t markings on the top or or bottom pages of the books, but hey, that’s a small price to pay for super cheap books.


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